‘Only Love’

Hulk Hogan is unlikely to be the most referred-to media personality when it comes to deep philosophical musings. Let’s be honest, he’s more famous for throwing people around a wrestling ring than bearing his soul. Yet when his rival, Ultimate Warrior (James Hellwig) died, Hogan tweeted this in response: ‘RIP WARRIOR, only love’. Warrior passed away in April 2014 and, for the past few years, those words by Hogan (Terry Bollea) have often buzzed around in my mind… ‘only love’. I’m not a wrestling fan but that simple epithet, somehow, concludes what it’s all about. It’s so beautiful. It strikes right at the heart of meaningful existence. It’s the answer to the vacuum caused by death and somehow gives hope for the future. When we have nothing more to say, even to an adversary, but only love – then we’ve realised the purpose of our journey. And I can’t see how that summary of life’s purpose can be found in any other context than within God himself. That’s not to say love is God, but God is love. And he showed that perfectly by Jesus Christ laying down his life for us. That’s when the Lord said to us, who live as his enemies… ‘only love’.

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